Select an option to send:
- by mail;
- by personal transmission;
- by fax;
- in electronic form.
In order to send a letter to the State Duma by mail, write on the envelope the following address: 103265, Moscow, st.Okhotny Ryad, house 1.

If you want to bring a letter in person, go to the following address: Ul.Moss, 7 (metro station "Lenin Library").There is reception of the State Duma.It operates on weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00, Friday - 16:00.No lunch break, at weekends and on public holidays reception is not working.

to send a letter by fax, dial: (495) 697-42-58.
Appeals to the State Duma in writing, must meet the following requirements.Be sure to include your full name and middle name, complete mailing address to which the reply should be sent.In the letter, describe the problem or suggestions, put his signat
ure and the date.
You can also send a letter to the State Duma in electronic form.To do this, use the official portal, which is located at the following Web address: the right sidebar, click on the link "Send an appeal to the State Duma" or just go to http:
Read the information on the page that opens.In the appropriate fields, enter the required information.Those fields that are marked with a red asterisk must be filled.Enter your name and middle name, zip code and address (to answer in writing), e-mail (to answer in electronic form), the text of the letter and special characters from the image - this is required to confirm that you are not a robot.Click "Send Message".In addition, you can specify exactly who addressed your letter.
If you need to send an e-mail along with additional files, send it to the address size of investments should not exceed 1.5 megabytes.