protection - a normal human reaction.You insulted, so you made a psychological attack.And dearer than the abuser, the harder punch.Why is this happening?Because a person who knows the ins and outs of your entire, well aware of the weakest areas:
- you are unhappy with your figure and he knows about this;in a fit of rage, he says something like "watching their weight", it is clear that in a rude manner;

- or do you like to sit at home, keep house, scrub the floors, cook pies and, accordingly, get a "domesticated hen."In the worst-case scenario, "domesticated hen, which is necessary to monitor their weight."
From this we can conclude that nobody should fend for themselves too closely - will not hurt.But this is the
wrong conclusion.Rather, it is necessary to think about what people want to tell you really are and why you reacted.Understanding what is behind the insults, you will learn how to respond to them.
If you have called, in the first place want to draw your attention to some problem.Like, Hey, you hear me!Perhaps you are not careful - your offender problems at work, mid-life crisis, a stomach ache?Your answer: as much as possible correctly to figure out what happened.
If you insult stung to the heart, then you believe that the offender was telling the truth or was close to the truth.Returning to the example of "chicken": you do feel a thick, unkempt and not interesting.What to do?Me!
If you violently reacted to the innocuous word or a whole tend to be "free treatment", then you are missing the love and tenderness.Now you attract the attention of inappropriate behavior, and if you do not get involved, then at least the scandal, which is still better than nothing.Out - a new way to build a relationship with that person, and if it does not - leave.Insults happy life can not be built.
Conclusion: name-calling - it is only a consequence.Look for the cause and work with it.If you hear the words just seem to be offensive to you, most likely, in your relationship a crisis.And remember, nothing personal - one simply solves the problem!