Tip 1: How to make a formal request

Should you require a citizen of important information that is available to the public body, it is made an official request .Any request , regardless of the subject line, to have a certain shape.
you need
  • - A4 sheet;
  • - envelope with stamps;
  • - pen;
  • - computer.
in the upper right corner indicate the surname, first name and full name of the person to whom you send a letter, such as the Caspian Flotilla Commander of the Defence Ministry of the Russian Federation Ivan I. Ivanov.Stepping one line in the same column, write your name, first name with the address of permanent residence, e-mail and telephone.It is necessary to reply to the official request sent to your name in the mail, and in case of any problems or need clarification contacted by phone.
Then about the middle of the sheet write the name of your document.It may be "official request ", "request for information" or "Information request ".Start your requirement with appeals to the recipient of the letter, suc
h as "Dear Ivan!"Next to the red line begin to express the essence of your treatment.Rely on laws and regulations for the immediate subject.After all, the better you know your rights under the law, the more likely that your letter will be treated more responsibly.
After describing your problem back down a few lines and, noting capital letters the word "ask", specify what information you are interested in.Write clear, short and informative sign in the position of the person who every day come if not hundreds, then tens of official s request.Formulate your query so that there was no question that you are asking.Any uncertainty may affect the way you respond to generalities, and you have to send a request again.
At the end of line must sign it and date.

Tip 2: How to write a query

Information request any citizen has the right to address to one or another state organization, which is competent to their questions.Rigid form of the document, but there are a number of formal requirements that it must meet.
How to Write a request
you need
  • - computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - Printer pen and in the preparation of the request on paper.
Specify the first line the name of the organization that are forwarding a request .You can specify the position and the name of the official, are accessed, but it does not guarantee that read your message and respond to it is exactly it.
below indicate your name, first name and postal address with the index.If you wish, you can write a contact phone number for communication.
Caption document "Information request ยป.
the content of the email, that in accordance with the Federal Law "On the order of consideration of citizens of the Russian Federation" are asking you to provide clarification on the following issues.
following are numbered lists all questions relating, in your opinion, to the competence of the organization to which you are applying.If you are asked to comment on a particular situation, summarize it, saying only relevant details.
If you send a request through the form for online requests (such is the site of almost all agencies at the federal level, and often regional), you can copy the text or make it directly into the form.
With plans to send the paper version by mail or carry personally print the document and do not forget to date and sign it.To remove the personal visit with him a copy, which will be required to make a mark of acceptance.
representative of public authority whose address you have sent a letter, must respond to a formal appeal within one month from the date of receipt of the letter to the organization.
Helpful Hint
On most sites, government agencies, there are forms of online appeals that go to the official much faster than an ordinary letter.
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