under house arrest means finding the suspect or the accused in their own residence or in the place where he may be legally.And a man certain restrictions or bans in terms of its interaction with the outside world.In order for the Court to determine a preventive measure, you need to be logged in or registered in the apartment or house.If the state of health of the person under investigation require a hospital stay, the place of his detention may be a hospital.
Determine precisely this measure of restraint can only court in cases where a softer measure can not do, but at the same time, the offense is not serious.As a function of house arrest addresses the need for unloading filled prisons and detention centers.As a member state of the State Duma, with the low severi
ty of the offense it is not necessary to enter into criminals in the same conditions as for serious crimes.This will make the country's system of criminal humane and liberal.
When choosing house arrest as a preventive measure, the court may impose prohibitions or restrictions on moving beyond an apartment or house, talked with some persons (most often with other defendants in the case, and sometimes any friends and relatives), sending and receiving mail, using means of communication (including the Internet).
Choice restrictions and bans for the suspect or the accused the charges depends on the severity, health status, age, marital status and other factors.All these circumstances specified in the application when considering the measure of restraint.Accordingly, the conditions of house arrest may be different: someone can not communicate with anyone other than living in the same apartment, others - only with those who are somehow related to the case, for example, witnesses and accomplices;for some, any correspondence prohibited, the other prohibition does not apply;one can not even go outside the apartment, the other can go to work, etc.
for control of the accused or suspected may be used a variety of media: audio-visual, electronic devices and other equipment.In some cases, any of its withdrawal from the apartment, or call the person must inform the regulatory authorities.Although any contact or movement, they will still be tracked.
If as a preventive measure a person defined house arrest, it is not forbidden to use the telephone to call an ambulance or the police, rescue workers in the event of emergencies.Also, he can freely communicate with the investigator, the supervisory authorities.However, in any case, all this pre-negotiated with the remand.
If the suspect or the accused fails to comply with any requirements, restrictions and prohibitions, the court has the right to change the measure of restraint to a more strict.