Write a letter to the President of the Russian Federation.To do this, send your message to the presidential administration to the address: Moscow, Old Square, 4. Be prepared for the fact that it is unlikely your question gets to the directly to the head of state.Most likely, it will be read by his administration.But this does not mean that your problem will remain unsolved.Administration of the President takes a lot of effort in order to assist ordinary citizens in solving their problems.Perhaps in the case of such need your question will be forwarded to relevant departments or ministries, but will remain under the control of the administration.Time to respond to a written request from the citizens to the president of the Russian Federation establishe
d by the law, is one month.
Contact with the president over the internet.Ask your question on the website of the President at the following address: http: //obrascheniya.prezident.rf/.This page details the requirements for the registration of appeal to the head of state and is represented by a form to write a written request.
Refer to the state through the site of the presidential administration: to the home page tab "Address", there you will find a form to write a letter.Select electronic or written form, fill in information about yourself.Enter your last name, first name, your email address, phone number, from the drop-down list, select the type of social status that you occupy in society, then select your region.This is followed by a field for writing directly appeal to the President, which shall not exceed 2000 characters.The letter can be attached to the file size and acceptable formats which are listed on the same page.
Participate in a straight line, which takes place annually with the President of Russia, during which the head of state responds to citizens' questions.You can make a phone call straight line and keep moving you question that, with luck, will be read.Perhaps sending questions via the Internet (website of the federal channel, which broadcasts a straight line) or in the format sms.