you need
  • - the knowledge of their rights;
  • - lawyer.
Before you start talking ask the inspector if he was going to conduct a survey (without the record) or questioning.If the investigator claims that this survey and special effects for it is not lead, you have the right to refuse to participate in it.After all, the facts that you tell the investigator may be used against you in the future.
If you receive a summons for questioning in the mail, you can ignore it.No prosecution in this case, you will not get any.But if you brought for obtaining agenda you got married, you have to appear for questioning.Otherwise, you may be forced to bring in for questioning.
Note Does the order of the position and name of the person w
ho calls you.There should also be given a role in which you as a cause for questioning (the witness, suspect or victim).This address is on the agenda should be a place where is the government agency or law enforcement.

If desired, you can call this institution and verify all the facts.And offer to question in your office, where you will be safe for you to psychological conditions.
Before visiting questioning consult with a lawyer, you brought it right to the agenda.If you can not appear for questioning, it is best to call the person who calls you and tell the reason why you can not come.It is also possible written notice (eg, wireless).
asked to show official identification from the person who calls you.Insist that during interrogation were permitted the presence of your lawyer.If you are denied without explanation, you are right to demand to make the denial of the report.
Speak only what exactly know or seen in person.Do not respond to the "vague" questions, you are inclined to some kind of response (favorable to the investigator).Do not rush to answer.Some investigators specifically used method of "acceleration" of the conversation.Interviewee falls into confusion, he claims to be.Therefore, the first question "What are your name and surname." Start to answer at their own pace.