Letters of thanks can be used both in private and in business correspondence.But they perform one task - an expression of gratitude to the addressee.Typically, such a message is issued on the official letterhead of the organization, either on paper or on a beautiful card.
begins with a letter of thanks to respectful treatment - by name and patronymic.And once you have the words to express my sincere gratitude to designation of specific achievements, which made you to voice its strong emotional response.
letter in which you strive to express the gratitude , have stringent requirements and standard formulations.Compose a message in free form.Use key phrases: "Than
k you for ...", "We express our gratitude to for ..." "Let me thank you for ...", etc.
If it is a letter of thanks to parents, it is necessary to mention the merits of the child, human qualities, knowledge.In a letter of thanks teacher marked his pedagogical work, professionalism.The same should be mentioned in the message of the doctor.Do not write too much, extensively and collectively.
text thank-you letter should be brief, capacious, designed in the same style.Despite the brevity, try to find kind words refuse kantselyarizmov and "red tape."Write in a friendly-official style, mention the event or action that prompted you to express my gratitude to in letter constant form.If you want to list the advantages and other destination.
always necessary to sign a letter by hand, even if it is typed on the computer.If you compose a message from the organization do not need to put a stamp.