Record his laughter on tape, and better video.It's enough to put the camera is turned on somewhere in a corner during a meeting with friends and forget about it.By the way, the camera is able to strengthen any weaknesses.Examine your behavior on the record, the volume of speech, sonority laughter.This will help to identify and correct the significant deficiencies in the manifestation of your emotions.
If you hesitate own laughter, vote and analyze the reasons for this.Ask around rel
atives and others, that your laughter is not so.Perhaps you have unsightly or yellowed teeth, and you always cover your mouth by hand?Then the problem go away by itself after you go to the dentist.If you make a loud laughter or grunts, then you should go to work and self-control over their sound.A laugh out of place and out of time and did shows low human culture.With this it is impossible to do anything without the desire of the person to grow wiser and develop.
Temperamental and intemperate people are usually very loud and laughing thunderously.Try not to open your mouth wide and not too throw back his head back.This creates a barrier of sound emanating from you and make your laugh more cultured.Most tears shall gush out of your eyes than you stun surrounding his laughter.
Get rid of wheezing, sniffing, throat whistling, screeching, neighing.These seemingly fun features of laughter could plunge into shock unfamiliar person.And the beauty of manners with a laugh can be forgotten.To come up with self-discreet method: pinch yourself hand or tip of the tongue bite down slightly to distract from the subject and you laugh to keep their sounds.
Check the position of their own lips: the wider open mouth during laughter, the more likely accidentally spit interlocutor (or again to issue an involuntary sound).Try to avoid this moment, however, deliberately compressing his lips, too should not be.Stretch lips in a wide smile, and you will hear a completely different culture and melodious laughter.
Rehearse in front of a mirror.But at the same time try to stay relaxed.If you willfully and theatrical laugh, abruptly changing facial expression, restrain themselves when others laugh, you just misunderstood.
real laugh - a good-natured, calls, positive emotions.Treat everyone with humor, know how to appreciate the jokes and just relax.There is nothing more attractive sincere, cheerful, leaping laughter that transforms and makes a person beautiful.