autumn 2011 Yulia Tymoshenko was taken out of the courthouse under the supervision of officers of the judicial police.The court sentenced her to seven years in prison.It was such a punishment the prosecutor demanded.For the leader of the opposition that won this time? According to the court, the former prime minister was convicted of exceeding their official powers.The charge relating to the activities of Yulia Tymoshenko in cooperation with Russia on gas.The gas agreement, which were adopted in 2009, were declared illegal by the court.As a result of these agreements was caused substantial damage to the company "Neftogaz."The court estimated it to be converted into US currency at 189.5 million dollars.That i
s the amount Tymoshenko to pay the victim organizatsii.Predstaviteli governments of several countries, including Russia, sincerely disagree with an extended sentence.Nothing unlawful former Ukrainian Prime Minister, in their view, did not commit.Therefore, such a decision may be the beginning of the cooling of relations between Ukraine and Europe.Apart from the official point of view on the reasons for the conclusion of Yulia Tymoshenko , there are hidden, of which no one speaks.They concern relations with Tymoshenko Ukrainian oligarchs.The fact that Tymoshenko was trying to weaken their influence and power to make decisions that are important for the whole country.Unlike Yushchenko and Yanukovych, Tymoshenko not afraid to confront the oligarchy and to confiscate their land rightfully belonging to gosudarstvu.Kakie true reasons were not imprisoned Tymoshenko custody, one thing is clear: it will not be long.Yanukovych has made it clear the media that this "unfortunate event" was not supposed to happen.It is likely that Yulia Tymoshenko after an appeal will be free again, but the other has "nepovadno will."