To begin to determine in what ways you are with the person to whom the blame want to make amends.After apologizing to business partner and girlfriend you quite differently.
So, if you have touched a business partner with whom you have scheduled a lucrative contract, send a letter to him, written in formal style.In the letter, note that you are deeply sorry about what happened, apologize for the inconvenience and promise to continue to avoid such situations.This inconvenience is, of course, need to be addressed, and the damage - to compensate.Usually a polite letter of apology enough to resume profitable relationship, after losing a good partner does not want you or your opponent.
If you decide to write a letter of apology to a friend, from the official style is to move.Describe in detail in a letter to the reason why you did so, and not another - always close friend will be able to understand you.Suggest together to find a solution that satisfies both of you.Main - Be sincere in the letter.
lovers often after a major altercation prefer to apologize to each other in writing.If you had the courage and sat down at the letter, in addition to specifying the reasons that prompted you to do the ugly, do not forget to tell your loved one how much you cherish them and do not want to lose.It is not necessary to overload a letter hearts and smiles - a person can decide that you are not taken seriously inflicted hurt you.Young people can take advantage of specialized firms and to send a letter of apology to the girl with a bouquet of flowers.
quarreled with my parents, it would be best if you apologize to them personally.However, once you have decided to write a letter, simply say that you repent and ask for forgiveness.Parents love you no matter what offenses, and a few lines of sincere repentance is sufficient that they have renewed contact with you.