value swastika

swastika - the ancient Indian cultural and religious symbol, which is used by many people.The word "Swasti", which formed the "swastika" means good luck or greeting.The traditional interpretation of the swastika are almost always has a positive value, the movement and life.But the use of the sign by the Nazis made this character impractical to use because of the very strong negative associations.

According to the traditional view, the significance of the swastika depends on which way it is "rotated".If the rotation is clockwise (bent ends counterclockwise), this movement of life, rebirth and creativity.But the swastika, swir
ling counter-clockwise (in this case, the ends are directed clockwise, striking example - Nazi swastika) means death and destruction.

For Buddhists and Hindus have swastikas no negative values: with the birth and life and death with the destruction - all this is part of the wheel of Samsara or the usual course of things.

use of the swastika by the Nazis

important point in understanding the fascist swastika is the fact that some of the nationalist and anti-Semitic organizations in Germany have already used it during the amplification and Hitler came to power, he was not the first.The swastika was understood as a symbol, as opposed to a Star of David, which is known to symbolize the Jewish national identity.Thus, the swastika, which connects with the purity of German blood, was a symbolic response to the Star of David.

In 1919, one a dentist by profession Krohn suggested the use of the swastika as a sign for the NSDAP.It was based on studies of Guido von List, a historian with a bias in the occult, which was sure in a special appointment of the German people.Hitler accepted the offer of Crohn's, but then decided to change the direction of the swastika.He himself was a little concerned about the issues and values ​​of the characters.He made the sign of how well the charge on the value to the objectives sought by the nationalists.Hitler believed that the swastika as a symbol of the Nazi Party, a victory for the Aryans and creative work.

After the adoption of the swastika, he began to develop a graphical solution for the sign of the swastika in our time, it would be called a logo.Inspired by Hitler, paradoxically, uncompromisingly communist red symbols.Nazi red flag, which depicts a white circle, and it is inscribed in black swastika, created in opposition to the communist.

interesting that Hitler did not call a swastika swastika, instead he said "motygoobrazny cross", that's what the sign and called in the German press: Hakenkreuz.