Buy or order a standard letterhead for thank-you notes.
Read the rules of usage in the preparation of official documents (official-business style).Norms of business etiquette is considered a neutral tone of presentation.Subjective assessment of merit, achievement or result of the work should be kept to a minimum.
Pay special attention to the rules used in business writing Abbreviations administrative and monetary units, names of organizations and positions, as well as units of measurement.The official spelling of names, terms of posts, geographical names should not be mistakes (eg job title "President of the Russian Federation" all the words are written with a capital letter).
Fill in all required fields of the form letter: - name of the sender (or individual);
- name of the recipient organization (or individual);
- surname and initials of the sender;
- surname and initials of the recipient;
- the position of the sender;
- the position of the recipient.
Start drawing the letter of thanks from the words: - "Thank you for the services rendered ...";
- «We express our gratitude for ...";
- «Let me sincerely thank you for ..." .Despite the fact that such a letter may be a freer style of presentation than in other official documents, the form of gratitude should be more restrained than in the expression of it, for example, in personcontact.However, in the text of the letter it is permitted (and sometimes encouraged) an indication of the surname, name and patronymic completely.
further specify exactly which services, achievements or results of the work performed were the reason for writing this letter.
looked forward to continued cooperation with the organization or individual.You can specify on what you are doing its part for the development of relations.
Sight letter stamped organization, specifying the date of the gratitude and painted.