on the importance of preserving the traditions of the people formed two opinions.Some believe that the need to maintain the tradition, the people remembered their national traits.After all, if there is no their traditions, the people will take the culture and customs of other countries.In most cases it does not lead to good results, it is lost identity of the people.Why try to adopt the life and thoughts of other groups and nations, rejecting the foundations of their own country?

Because of such thoughtless people learn from other people's standards are losing individuality, because of this and are having many modern problems of society.Previously, children were brought up in a different way, and they grew polite and honoring his family and his ancestors.Now the children are mostly at a very low level of moral development.They do not
know their ancestors, their roots, because they do not tell the parents, who may themselves do not know.

Of course, it is important to give time to new trends in education of the youth, but we can not forget the history of the country.Introduces children to the beautiful products of folk art in museums or at exhibitions, you show them the value and importance of the work of masters who use the traditions of Russian people.

news, you can read and see, no longer follow the achievements of an individual.The man remained in the shadow of the world's disasters and technological innovations.This can lead to the loss of a sense of patriotism and civic responsibility, ignorance of what can be proud of the Russian people.

Tradition does not include everything that makes ancestors.Basically, it is the most valuable and important from the practical activities, habits and customs of the people, something that will certainly be transmitted to descendants.Keep the tradition to start with your own families, learning its history.