What is the name of the deceased.Be sure to enter it in full - first name and patronymic.In the obituary should be given not only the date of death, and birth date of the deceased.It is worth mentioning the place of birth of the deceased and the place where the burial is planned.This is done so that everyone could come to say goodbye.
Be careful when describing the circumstances of the death.If a person has died due to illness, we can talk about sudden death.The phrase "tragic death" means that the death could have been avoided in other circumstances.
Write about what the deceased will remain in the memory of loved ones, family and friends.Never criticize a man in his obituary.Needless to say the complex nature, the wrong way of life, missed opportunities, and so
obituary should mention deceased loved ones.Do not break the hierarchy: first come first parents, then the parents, spouse, children of the deceased, his grandchildren and great grandchildren, sisters and brothers.
If a famous person has died, be sure to tell us about his merits and achievements.Of course, the story should be short and concise.Do not forget to list the regalia of the deceased person.