to start in the reference telephone service learn Department but which are going to file a complaint .
Then, dial directly into Department, to clarify the following questions:
- under the jurisdiction of any agency or official against whom you are going to file a complaint , this Department y;
- full name and Department;
- last name and first name of Department well;
- address Department and and office hours.
Armed with the above information, you are ready to compile the application.
Some mandatory form for co
mplaints is not provided, the complaint shall be made in any form.Even the word "complaint" may be replaced by, for example, the words "application", "treatment" or do without the title, replacing it with an appeal to the head of the "Dear (Your name)!ยป
orderto clearly identify the sender and recipient of the complaint and clearly provide your contact information, in the right corner of the sheet left write the so-called "cap", which should look something like this: "The head of the Department of Health Ensk field
P.P.ot Petrov Ivan Ivanovresiding at the address:
Ensk Street.Such a house โ„–1, square.โ„–2
contact tel.: 89101234567 ".
below the middle of the cap sheet write, as mentioned above, the word "complaint", "application", "treatment" or "Dear Peter!".
The text of the complaint briefly and clearly explain the essence of your treatment.Be sure to include the exact date, time, name, surname, patronymic and position of the persons who violated your rights, as well as other information necessary for the specification of the violations committed against you.
At the end of the complaints specify the purpose for which the complaint is filed, or your request.For example, "I ask to inspect into the violations described me and tell me about the results", "asking to take measures to suppress violations of patients' rights clinic โ„–10, otherwise it will be forced to apply to the prosecutor's office" and other options depending on the situation.
Complete complaint putting his signature and the date.
So the complaint is made.Before submitting a complaint in Department , be sure to make a photocopy of it himself.
There are several ways to file a complaint :
- in person, at a reception at the head of the department well;
- in person, through the secretariat and
- by registered mail with notice and list vlozheniya.Esli you hand complaint in person, the person receiving your complaint , obliged to put on a photocopy of the complaint, which is you: your full name, position, date of adoption of the document.If the direction of the complaint in the mail as proof of filing a complaint with the Department
you will be notified of receipt.Attach it to the rest of you have copies of the complaint and keep them together.The answer to his complaint you should receive within one month from the date when the complaint was received Department th.