you need
  • - loose powder compact;
  • - cream.
Pick correctly powder: powder color should match the color of your face.Choosing powder, powder brush to draw a line on the cheek.In the same manner, apply the powder slightly different color.Comparing the bands of powder on the face, choose the one that is almost invisible.Please note, to apply and you must choose a powder in bright daylight.Do not spare money for high-quality powder, as you apply it on the face.High-quality powder will nourish the skin of your face and protect it, and poor quality can cause harm.
Take the easy cream - do not take fat (nutrient) or baby cream.It should be a face cream (and not for any other part of the body) and i
t should be fully fit for your skin type.
Carefully mix in a special container Pudu and cream.Do not stir once all powder that you have better to do a foundation portions.
Made manually foundation is applied as usual: a clean face with clean hands.Neat, pat on the massage lines drive in foundation.Take care of your skin, never rub or scrub the concealer into the skin.To achieve an absolute smoothness, walk across the face with a cotton wet sponge.
Check or foundation you have done without divorce, seals and stains.Look in the mirror: the complexion is different from the color of the neck?If so, put on his neck a little foundation and blend it.The neck and face are to beat the similar color - is very important.