you need
  • - day cream;
  • - makeup base;
  • - light and dark powder;
  • - lip gloss or lipstick bright shades.
most important tool in solving this problem is makeup.To visually adjust the shape of the nose « potatoes », to properly apply foundation.First of all, apply all over the face day cream or a foundation, give it a good soak.After that band across the bridge of the nose, apply a light powder - to the tip of the nose.Then, on the wings of the nose, apply a dark powder.The transitions between tones blend well, retaining them only at the tip of the nose.
When make-up face with the nose in the form of potatoes, avoid clear geometric lines.It is better to stick to the rounded forms.Even if the make-u
p of lips and eyebrows emphasize its roundness - so the outlines of your nose will be less noticeable.Give your eyes a more rounded shape easily by using eye shadow.
next trick, distracting eyes from not very beautiful shape of the nose - a bright lipstick.Nakraste lip gloss bright color, and all the attention when you look at your face will be directed precisely on the lips.But if your facial features krupnovat, do not use too bright, "screaming" lipstick.Eyes should also attract attention, distracting from the nose is not too successful form.
If you have oily skin, stay during the day, so that your nose is not bright.Powder it without breaking the corrective makeup.
And, of course, do not forget that a successful hairstyle - it's half the battle.Choosing the right, it is able to adjust the shape of the face and to deflect attention from some of the traits that you think is not very beautiful.In the case of the nose, "potatoes" suitable hairstyle with locks that fell on his face.It also will give your way of romance.Hairstyles with bangs is also suitable for women who have a nose, "potatoes", but bang in no case should not fall on the nose, otherwise the effect will be the opposite - get all the attention to your nose.