Go to the official page of Russian mail http: //pochta-rossii.rf/.In the "Tools" menu, click "Track mailings."
Each mailing is registered in the mail, with the result that any letter gets its own unique code.If you are sending in the country this code is a set of fourteen digits.Enter in the appropriate field of your e-mail ID of the registered letter.ID you can see in the check issued to you by e-mail upon receipt of your letter.
introduces an entirely whole number, omitting spaces and parentheses if they exist in your check.Click below the button "Search" and you will see the results of your shipment.
At each stage of delivery of postal identification number is recorded in the database of accounting and control (OASU RPO), so in the search results, you can see the st
atus of postal items at the moment - where and when the message was sent, whenand a post office transferred, whether it is received by the addressee.
This correspondence tracking system works in 77 regions and covers 32 000 postal facilities.The system allows anyone to have access to information on both the domestic registered mail and international.However, the full introduction of this system has not yet been completed.
If the status of your mail for a long time does not change, if the letter is lost or for some reason did not reach the destination, you can write a statement about the search of postal items.Take the application form at any post office, or use the link http: //pochta-rossii.rf/rp/servise/ru/home/postuslug/remove_clients.