Tip 1: How to cut a square elongation

If you follow the latest fashion trends, you know that is very popular quads elongation.How to cut a square on the extension?Quite simply.If you can hold in their hands the scissors, thanks to our detailed description of how to cut a square on the extension, you will cope with this task.
you need
  • - comb with "tail",
  • - barrettes,
  • - hairdressing scissors,
  • - sprayed with water.
Divide the hair into two parts, making the comb with the "tail" flat vertical parting.Hair barrette, making the two beams.Now, near the bottom of the neck separate horizontal thin layer of the hair by cutting it so set the initial length of the quads in the extension.
Step 1 How to cut a square elongation
Next on thin strands about a centimeter in width separate the hair, strand by tilting at an angle of 15 degrees with respect to the head.When trimming the square on each subsequent elongation of the strand should be put off.Due to the backstay and the angle of each strand in a square on the extension will be a little longer t
han the previous one.
Step 2 How to cut a square elongation
When you get to the horizontal parting line of the ears - go for a haircut temples.Release temporal strand and pull it toward the vertical parting (which we did, and they divided the hair into 2 parts).Carefully cut so that the length of the temporal strands coincided with the length of the occipital strands.When you pricheshet temporal strand - it will go on the extension, trim it so that the line was smooth.
Step 3 How to cut a square elongation
Next swifts quads elongation under the same scenario: comb separate the temporal strands, each pulls and swifts.
Step 4 How to cut a square elongation
Now trim the tips of the hair is not sticking out hairstyles.Kare elongation should be perfectly flat.
Step 5 How to cut a square elongation
left a final touch - check symmetry.Take extreme temporal locks on both sides and bring them to one another by comparing the length.Rack of elongation - not a complicated hairstyle!
Step 6 How to cut a square elongation

Tip 2: How to mow

bob bob haircut been popular at all times, and now the fashion for her returns.This underscores the styling great cheekbones, lips, nose, combined with a fringe of varying lengths.Laying quads suitable for an evening out, and every day, and does not require special care.Variations of this hairstyle is quite a lot, but the principles of quads remain the same for all of them.
As shear bob
Before you start mowing comb the hair in the direction of their growth, and divide it into three parts, using the partings.
Take the first in a direction parting from the forehead to the crown, and then perpendicular to it parted on the back.
The resulting strands twist into a bundle and secure.
The next step is to create a control strand.To do this, tilt the person's head, above the haircut that you work forward so that his chin rested on the chest.
Separate extreme strand of the neck thickness of not more than one centimeter and comb it.Decide on the length of hair and even cut the hair for about two - two and a half centimeters shorter than the chosen length.
Then cut hair for the occipital area of ‚Äč‚Äčindividual strands by grading inward.
Then comb the hair of the parietal area on both sides of the parting and smooth cut off their hair to the level of the occipital area in a horizontal direction.
Check whether symmetrical haircut.To do this, stand facing the man whom mowing, comb out the hair on both sides ahead - their length should be the same.
Then comb your hair in different directions and adjust the haircut, if you notice sudden changes in their length.Then again comb the hair parted in the middle and check the cut on all sides to identify any irregularities and to eliminate them.
On request, you can also cut out the bangs.For this zacheshite strand of hair on his forehead a thickness of about one centimeter, decide the length of the bangs and trim hair, make a straight or rounded edging.
front and side locks can be cut steps.To do this, pull down the lock, put the scissors vertically, and gently sheared extra ends "ladder."
To haircut was better designed and look good, you can run along the tapering ends.
Now comb the hair, put their hair dryer and lock varnish.
to your bob hairstyle looked excellent elongation - use special ironing, smoothing hair.
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