you need
  • - mascara;
  • - eyeliner (black and light);
  • - light shade or powder;
  • - eyebrow pencil.
Apply to upper and lower eyelids light shades (white, beige) or powder.This will align all the characteristics for a European eye shape folds of the eyelids.
black eyeliner, draw a thin line along the boundary of growth of eyelashes on the upper movable century.The line closely follows the edge of the century (the lash line), at the outer corner of the eye sinking of age - to the corner and then curving slightly upward.This method will give a characteristic eye for the Asian section brace.
Lower eyelid emphasize a thin line of light fittings (better to t
ake the gray).If eyes by nature are almond-shaped - just hold the line on the border eyeliner lash.If the eyes are more rounded - they need to be "narrow" .To start this sum eyes not on the border of the lash, and below.Start line liner - the middle of the lower eyelid.The line climbs up to the outer corner of the eye reaches the boundary of the lash.
next stage - staining of eyelashes.Do not try to make them thick - is visually increase eyes and will bring the whole "Asia effect" on there.The lower lashes do not paint at all.
Asian women are usually not very thick eyebrows, and the distance between them is quite large.Therefore, to achieve the effect of "Chinese Eyes", increase the distance between the eyebrows, thin out ih.Forma also need either a direct (and no decline of bends), or resembling the shape of bow tie (as Kitagawa Utamaro prints).The boundaries of the eyebrows - very clear, and themselves eyebrows, of course, only in black.