you need
  • Corrector yellow tone, tonal basis, light powder.
Use the yellow tone

Makeup Artists understands all the difficulties encountered in disguise bags under the eyes, so the practice is not as common.For example, often in addition to the swelling formed on the lower eyelid and darkish circles that spoil the appearance.At this stage it is important to use a yellow tone corrector as white, conversely, increases swelling, thereby swelling becomes visually more.Concealer should be soft, to go smoothly on the skin.Apply tone very carefully, do not overdo it.
Use tonal basis

Once you have painted over the bags themselves, it is important to give an even tone throughout the face.For this purpose tonalnik suitable for your skin.It is also important to do everything carefully and do not overdo it, other
wise the person will acquire unnatural hue, and appearance will be ruined.But the correction of bags under the eyes is not complete, there is one more important step.
Use a light tone

Because of what the bags under the eyes spoil the look?Swelling cast shadows on other areas, as a result of the girl seems sleepy and tired.Accordingly, when a person has an even color, shadows are clearly visible.And to get rid of this effect, apply a light tone on the sunken areas that are under the swelling.Powder should be matte, without flickering particles as they attract more attention to the problem area.Apply it only once, as a multi-layer coating, on the contrary, provide swelling under the eyes.These actions will help to get rid of the external manifestations of bags under the eyes.Shadows of them will now be seen, so you will get rested appearance and perfect complexion without a hint of swelling.