Before the creation of the painting, learn his name.Many people use the autograph as the first three letters of his last name.The first thing to do - write these three letters on a piece of paper and see how you like them.Explore multiple fonts and use them when writing these letters.You can combine these fonts to create an unusual composition.
If this option you seems too simple, try to create a mural to use capital letters in your name, surname and patronymic.Write them in
different versions, combine, rearrange, experiment and you will certainly achieve results.
Create a highlight in your signature in the passport.How to do it?For example, one end can make starting the next letter and so on.This option will look quite original and interesting, especially if the writing itself is unusual characters, using a combination of fonts, or just the features of your handwriting.
to make an original signature, try to write a single letter inside another.This will be done quite easily if you will attend the autograph letters such as "C", "O" or "E".Note also that in the case of male painting, the lines need to be more strict, straight and clear.As for the female autograph, then you can unleash the imagination, to use all sorts monogram, hooks, curls, etc.
to complete a spectacular signature, use the stroke, like a cardiogram or something like that.It depends on how the arm will fall.But do not overdo it, because of the massive accumulation of lines should be guessed the essence of the autograph: what it means and who belongs.It is also important to have your autograph was small and did not hold a leaf.It is in your best interest.