you need
  • - makeup base;
  • - shade;
  • - eyeliner or pencil;
  • - mascara.
correctly pick the shade.To warm shades of brown eyes are best suited shadows of natural colors - all shades of beige, gray, and purple look rozovatogo.Neploho shades: aubergine, purple, lilac.However, they should be used very carefully.Otherwise, you can get the "effect of long and inconsolable weeping" or the magnificent black eyes, which would have envied greatly drinking Uncle Vasya from a nearby doma.Nanosite shade from the center of the century to its corners.First apply a darker shade - as a rule, it is used for the outer corner of the eye .Then, use a lighter shade - to the inner corner.The border between the colors carefully
Liner is designed to visually enlarge the eyes , they add emphasis.For the dark-honey eyes perfectly suitable eyeliner dark gray, brown, black.Apply eyeliner on the lash line, moving from the inner corner of the eye to the outside.
for brown-eyed women only possible color ink - black and brown.Although as a bold experiment can be used, for example, the green ink.Mascara - the final touch to the eye make-up, add the look of depth and expressiveness.Do not forget to slightly curl the cilia.