charming eyes Asians can always decorate the original bright makeup.But the main problem when applying makeup - a visual increase in the eye.
Asian women are more likely to suffer from the fact that nature has given them a rare cilia growing down.So do without tweezers for eyelashes almost impossible.You can buy them in almost any cosmetic shop.Choosing tweezers, pay attention to the rubber gasket that prevents cilia break to pieces when twisting.Laying should be quite soft.
Before painting eyes , the skin thoroughly clean from dust and residue of cosmetics.Apply foundation all over the face, including the eyelids, and then the upper lid cover light shadows and blend
well.Then tuck eyelashes tweezers up, apply several layers of mascara and re-tuck the cilia.The difference is enormous!Eyes immediately "open" and become more.If eyelashes false, then you need to tuck their bonding.
Then apply a long line of black eyeliner on the upper lid, cover eyes for a few minutes to eyeliner had time to dry.When you open your eyes line of the upper eyelid may be smeared, so eyeliner should be waterproof.Lower eyelid move the black or gray pencil shadows or dark tones, but the line thoroughly blend.
Pay particular attention to the eyebrows, they must have a clear outline to soften the image.Give shape eyebrows with tweezers.In that case, if they are too dark, use brown paint for the eyebrows or just lighten them for a couple of colors.If it does not have the time, you just touch up their brown pencil, pre-combing.
Asian Ethnicity can be used when applying makeup a variety of shades.Not necessarily every day to use white or light pearlescent shade alternate pink, coral and peach colors.Get more imagination, do not hesitate to experiment