Tip 1: How to make a man's hair at home

for men as for women, it is important to always look well-groomed, elegant and fashionable.And the proportion of originality never hurts.But do not always have the stronger sex have time to hike to the stylists.And not everything is fun will afford.Therefore, dear women - wives, girlfriends, sisters, mothers, we suggest you learn to do at least one of the men's hairstyles yourself at home.Your men will be very grateful to you.
you need
  • hair styling, comb, hair dryer, hair spray.
Before doing hair, wash your hair and dry.Apply the product on hair styling.Now there are a lot of different mousses, foams and gels for hair styling men's hair.Select a tool that is suitable for a particular hairstyle that you are going to build on the head of your men.
Apply the product to the hair along the entire length.Next, the hair in the middle of the head from the forehead to the nape of the neck upwards zacheshite comb with two sides that were generally symmetrical.
Lift bangs (if any) up and send back a bit.The resulting hairstyle will look stylish and with a suit, and daily clothes.
Pour the finished hairstyle hairspray.Done!Now you can even walk, though the club, even though to go to work.In principle, this hairstyle will look perfect on the young and prosperous business guy.
This hairstyle is perfect for men with medium length hair.If he has short hair, you should stay at the hair, which implies an easy mess on his head.If all of your hair the same length, then on the sides of them is smooth, so as not to have something like the lion.

Tip 2: How to make a man's hair

Men's hairstyles that are a cut made using clippers, long gone, modern men are accustomed to more extravagant options.Make the most masculine hairstyle is now possible only with imagination and creativity.
How to make a man

1. Classic

Men are much more conservative than women, which is why they are increasingly choosing the classic hairstyles.Classic in men's hair - a medium-length hair, combed to one side.Make men's hair in this style is simple: you need to wash your hair, put on their fixing means, such as foam hair low degree of fixation, and then comb hair comb with fine teeth on one side.

2. Vanguard

avant-garde male hairstyles more firmly part of everyday style.In order to perform their own stylish avant-garde hairstyles, you can go several ways: do a full hair color, or make highlights.Options can be called avant-garde hairstyles, made using the trimmer, but to make them virtually impossible.

order to dye your hair, you should use cream for home use.As a rule, professional tools for painting can achieve more interesting results, but to use them without assistance is impossible.To make the highlighting, you can use the funds to lighten hair, but it is worth remembering that the right to achieve the desired color on dark hair difficult.

3. Long hair

hairstyles for long hair for men look stylish and beautiful.However, men's hair is often less obedient than women.In order to put long hair for men, it is necessary to use cosmetics, as well as additional devices, such as a hair dryer and iron is for straightening hair.The classic hairstyle of long hair begins with shampooing and applying smoothing balm.If hair is damaged, the entire length of the liquid wax is applied, which visually makes hair shiny and well groomed.Then you need to put a bang with a hair dryer, and the bulk of the hair to process utjuzhkom.Hairstyle for men long hair always needs special attention, but when done correctly, such hair look great.

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main thing - do not overdo it with the means for stacking.In the worst case a man with such a hairstyle will look like spiny hedgehog.
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