Before registering marriage the groom's parents should bless her son and parents of the bride - daughter.This must be done before the coming of the bridegroom and bride will begin the ceremony of redemption, that is, every family does it at home.
father and mother of the groom supposed to be close to each other right in front of his son, and the father has to keep an icon with the image of Christ.According to religious laws with the blessing of
the groom supposed to kneel.Father of three baptize his son icon, and then transmits the icon of the mother.It does exactly the same actions.Bridegroom relies then crossed himself and attached to the face of Christ (that is to kiss an icon).
Exactly the same ceremony should make the father and mother of the bride at her house.Only instead of icons depicting Christ, they bless the daughter of an icon of the Virgin.
Once will be a bride price, all go to the wedding ceremony.If the registrar is done in a church wedding, bridal parents supposed to stand behind them on both sides.The father and mother of the groom take place closer to his son, the bride's parents, respectively, closer to his daughter.As soon as the sacrament of marriage is done, the groom's parents returned home to prepare for the meeting of the young husband and wife.
Before the young enter the home or other premises, husband's parents once again bless their icon, and then they traditional food trays: Wedding loaf (bread and salt).By tradition, the young have to take turns to bite him.
People weakly adhering religious canons, and even atheists are often also bless their children before the wedding.Only this rite is performed without the use of icons, and is more of a symbolic role: the young wishes of happiness and long life united in marriage.