If your hair is straight you do not, use the ironing, in order to straighten them.In addition, you will need pins, hair elastics, safety pins, bow and possibly varnish.Wash and dry your hair, because hair will look better on clean hair.
Separate bang and kill, so it does not interfere with you while you work.Then you need to collect hair in a ponytail.Do it right on top of that future hair gently settled without pulling to the side.
bang can now be split off, it does not hurt you more.From the top of the tail, scroll lock approximately in the middle.It will act as a node on the bow.To you it is not interfered with, kill it in front of her.
Then you need to grasp the tail and hold your hand up to the end and
then secured in its end gum.In each case, it would be the place, because the length of hair each person individually.In general, choose for themselves the most appropriate place for fixing gum, and if you will have a small tail, pass it in her to look carefully.
Lift the tail tucked under his hand, and then start to lower it.Configure a kind of fan and attach pins using the result.If necessary, sprinkle with varnish.
Now divide the resulting fan of hair in half, thereby obtaining a bow.Make a knot on it, releasing a lock that was you anchored in the third step.Pull back the lock, put it in the middle of a bow, the ends of the lower down, and then seal it with the help of the invisible.
You can get back a lot of locks.Hide them neatly under the hair, fixing pins or invisible.And in order to receive a bow made of hair could not see any small ponytail, secure with hairclip in the shape of a bow.Bow of the hair is ready, you can go to the prom or evening party and surprise her fashionable hairstyle others.