Tip 1: How to put an ad in the newspaper "from hand to hand"

ad in the newspaper "Hand in Hand" in several ways.The cheapest option - refer to your nearest point for ads.
faster way - call the editorial office with landline or mobile phone.Advertise on the site of the newspaper can be through the Internet, but the printed version, it will not.
you need
  • - coupon ads;
  • - landline or mobile phone;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - special telephone card (one of the payment options).
most favorable option - to cut from any edition of the newspaper ads free coupon, fill it out and work time include a collection point for ads.

Such items are available in all the regional centers, where the presented publication.In large cities, there may be several small, usually one located in the center or near it.

Addresses items are in paper editions of newspapers and on regional versions of its site.

post free ads will be released in the next issue of the newspaper.
call from a landline phone card you can pay by SMS or on receipt of fixed telephone
service provider.

Payment cards can be purchased in salons "Euroset" and "Alt-Telecom" or the board of the newspaper collection points.The card must be activated by following the instructions on it and then call the specified number on it and dictate the text of the announcement.The minimum capacity of the card - 10 units, one unit is equivalent to one particular ad.The cost of cards - from 420 p.
Pay can be classified and the receipt of urban service provider.To do this, call the call center by phone, which can be found in the room the printed version of the newspaper in its region, or on the website.For different columns may be provided for different numbers.Price - 35 p.per call, one call allows you to dictate one ad.
for payment services have to send SMS message to the short number, which can be found in the printed edition or visit a regional version of the newspaper.The sms code will come to be called by calling the call center.The cost of SMS depends on the operator, an average of 101.6 to 140 rubles.
ads can also spell a mobile phone call to the number (it should also be in the print version of the regional issue and on the website).Price minute conversation - 85 p.depending on the operator.Number of items per call unlimited.In the majority of Heading
online publications can post a free ad using the form on the site.To do this will need to register on it.The printed version of the newspaper such ads will not be included.

Tip 2: How to advertise in the newspaper

If you have no experience of informing consumers about the company and services, you understand the question "where to advertising ┬╗ can be difficult.The modern market is full of newspapers, whose managers tout customer discounts and promises a flurry of calls from cooperation.How to understand, in a print publication to advertising ?
How to advertise in the newspaper
Determine what product or service will be promoted.Modern firm can provide services in different fields, and plant - to produce a huge number of products.It is important to remember that not advertise effectively all at once, becauseeach product - a buyer.
Find out who your customer, ieto whom it should be directed advertising.For example, delivery of gravel and sand interested in building companies, and dental equipment - dental treatment and related kliniki.Slozhnee with the goods, which is intended for one group of consumers, but the decision on the acquisition takes another.For example, children's shoes are designed for children, but the decision to buy take parents.
choosing paper, keep in mind that the specific publication should be of interest to your customer.Also hints of intuition and self-analysis, as amended request readership studies.
Pay attention to the parameters of the printed edition.To measure the effectiveness of advertising, consider the frequency of newspaper circulation and the day of publication.The higher the circulation, the more contact with the ad.As a result, it is increasing and the number of people interested in advertising.The frequency and the day the newspapers are taken into account for the supply of operational information, as well as certain aspects of consumer behavior.For example, advertising for truckers in Saturday's edition of daily newspaper published post is not effective, because the probability of reading the information gardeners that day is not great.
If you want to calculate the economic viability of advertising in the newspaper , divide the cost of the ad to the number of copies of the edition.The result - the cost of contact with the reader.Later on this number, and the results can be compared to the sales effectiveness of advertising in various newspapers.
Determine the appropriate size of the advertising module for information about the firm.Module - this is the amount of ads in the frame.Consider not only the amount of text, but also the availability of photos, which attracts the reader's attention.
Request amended specifications for layout and send information designer.Every newspaper parameters for the manufacture of the modules may vary, due to the features of the print edition.
Ready module is sent to the newspaper.The contract.Paid services.To test the effectiveness of advertising module should be placed in two or three consecutive editions.
When advertising published, ask for a copy of the editorial staff of the newspaper to check placement.If you have to choose the right print edition and made the layout, the result in the form of calls and purchases goods is not long to wait.
Free mailing list is an effective method of free publicity allows to declare the goods and services in a matter of seconds, saving you valuable time and money.Post a free advertising you can now fill out your contact information and the information you need.
Helpful Hint
Determining your optimal audience will help you make informed and wise decisions.For example, a provider of pet supplies can advertise in specialized magazines and newspapers, targeting pet owners.For example, it can give an advertisement in a special advertising section of the local newspaper, devoted pet.
  • how to advertise services
In some cases (for example, feed ads that lost document should be considered null and void) is suitable only printed version of the newspaper.
Helpful Hint
buy a phone card makes sense only if you plan to advertise regularly and in large quantities.In this case, the larger units on the map, the cheaper the cost one ad.For the sake of one or two announcements to buy a phone card unprofitable.
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  • free to advertise in the newspaper