Tattoo eyebrows in two ways.The first - the hair - is that the master draws on the eyebrow arches fine lines that mimic the real hair.The second type is called a "soft feather", in this case, color is applied continuously to the entire necessary.Regardless of the technique chosen permanent make-up before the procedure is applied to affected area anesthetic. hair technique difficult to apply.In addition, healing takes a little longer, the probability of occurrence of edema is somewhat higher than in mild shading.

transient effects tattooing eyebrows

eyebrow tattooing procedure is quite painful, and despite the local anesthesia, the pai
n may still be felt.In addition, the eyebrows will be swollen for a while after on-drawn lines may form a crust, so the skin will need special gentle care, agreed with the master.Rate how well was made permanent make-up, succeed only after 10-14 days.

Decorative effects of tattooing eyebrows

Unfortunately, the result of the application of permanent make-up can be frustrating.There are two reasons for discontent clients.First, the bad choice of paint.Eyebrows may turn out too dark.Masters often claim that under the layer of the epidermis shade will be less intense, but a professional will take into account also tsvetotip, because the same tone will look at the blonde and tanned brunette differently.

Another cause of discontent made permanent makeup eyebrow shape is inappropriate.Too long, asymmetrical, with an ugly break or simply inappropriate oval face lines can not just disappointing, but the cause of the stress.Correct this job can only be a laser, but the procedure is the removal of pigment painful and may require more than one session. cool shades rather easily removed by laser, warm worse.It is very difficult to get rid of the body-white tones that are used in the correction of improper form.

Complications of tattooing eyebrows

In rare cases, the use of anesthesia can cause an allergic reaction, which is terrible that the scope of the anesthetic is near the eyes.Moreover, the substances used in the dye may also be a cause of lesions.Therefore, before the procedure, you must inform the master all the important information about your health and the peculiarities of the organism.

Another type of complications of tattooing eyebrows is the occurrence of edema or hematoma is usually a consequence of the use of low-quality equipment.And finally, as incredible as it may sound, there is a risk of infection, so you need to make sure that the cabin is clean, and the wizard uses disposable materials.