considerable role in the occurrence of age also plays an overhanging heredity - if there is such, it can occur at any age.With age, the defect becomes noticeable.To remove the drooping eyelids, or at least make them less visible, should follow the following simple rules.
Avoid or Minimize salt intake.Salt retains water in the body, and thus contributes to the appearance of edemas, including around the eyes.
Sleep in the right position - put an extra pillow under your head - it will increase the outflow of fluid from the h
ead, and, consequently, from the eyes.Sleep on your back, because if you do it on the abdomen, in the centuries accumulates excess fluid.Do not drink a lot of water for the night.
At night, put on eye special cosmetics to avoid the morning bags under the eyes and drooping eyelids.
Try to avoid eyestrain, as the swelling of the eyelids can occur due to their fatigue.
Avoid smoke-filled rooms, being in places where car exhaust fumes and the like zgryazneny, as it also adversely affects the eyes.
If you have allergies - try not to deal with its causes, as they can also trigger swelling of the eyelids.
Do not use medications that can cause swelling of the eyelids (eg "Cortisol").
Use hypoallergenic cosmetics for the eyes.
to prevent or reduce the swelling apply ice cubes to the eyes - this will improve blood circulation and reduce swelling.
should also remember that the swelling of the eyelids may be caused by kidney disease, thyroid, heart.
If overhanging eyelids and swelling occur constantly, it is necessary to reflect on the operational way to solve these problems.This surgery is done as an outpatient procedure called blepharoplasty.This method of treatment is radical.The operation involves an incision century, removing excess subcutaneous fat and removing excess skin on the eyelid and then closed with stitches.