you need
  • - base for the shadow;
  • - eyeliner;
  • - liner;
  • - liquid eyeliner.
Get everything you need to make up.Beginners better to try to bring eyes soft pencil - he goes more smoothly, and if the line will look messy, it is easy to correct.Liners require a more experienced hand.The most difficult to apply liquid eyeliner that gives a clear direction, which shows the slightest error in the figure.
Use only quality products with no expiry date.Dry or hard pen, pencil scratching eyelid never give smooth lines.It happens that at first glance beautiful eyeliner dries, falls untidy pieces, loses shine and flaking.Do not use it - you got a bad copy.Look for other vehicle brands.
Those who are trying to force the art of drawing arrows better to apply eyeliner before you put the shadows forever.Then, in case of failure, you will not have to remove all the makeup.After imposing shadow line can be brush up another layer of eyeliner, giving it a clear outline.
Before makeup forever degrease by wiping them with tonic without alcohol and drive a little light moisturizer.If you have oily skin, apply a thin layer of the base, which prevents the spreading of makeup.Lightly powder the lid and start the connector.
Take a soft pencil and holding it at an angle to the eye, keep the line from the mid-century.It can be extended with little contour extending slit.The thickness of the liner and the intensity can be adjusted by pressing a pencil.Gently blend the arrow, making it softer.Now you can put on a layer of eyelash lengthening mascara and a light day make-up is ready.
to make was a bright, keep the arrow on the inner corner of the eye .After applying the wet blend it applicator - this will add richness and depth of color.Above you can put a pencil thin line of liquid eyeliner.
funds in the form of a cream or gel is applied to a special brush with a beveled edge.Dial a little eyeliner and lead edge of the brush on the century, keeping as close to the lash line.Watch for symmetry arrows - two eyes should look the same.
If you need thin and precise line, use liquid eyeliner .Sometimes this means is not very good brush - it can be replaced by more convenient, purchased separately.If the line has turned out uneven, adjust it until it has had time to dry.Spread the arrow end of the applicator - it will be a little wider, but will look neater.