Before applying blush on your face, to start to apply the skin bronzer powder to give it depth and a richer color, and only then put on your skin blush.Never Do not apply blush close to the nose, and the Do not apply it below the tip of the nose.
For correct imposing blush and bronzata determine exactly where your located cheekbones .To do this, smile and get the highest point roundness cheeks, and then slide a line from this point his index finger to his temple.
After be defined cheekbones, apply a bronzing powder, which sets off the skin, giving it a warm and pleasant tone
and protects against UV rays.With bronzers can give a person any form, and if you want to make a person more sculptural, apply it along the outer edges of the face and jaw.
Apply bronzat, starting from the far side of the cheeks, gently guiding the brush to the proximal part of the cheekbones.Only after bronzat applied to the skin, go to the application of blush on the cheekbones , to add natural skin color.
In autumn and winter do not go overboard with the amount of blush and do not use too bright blush, as it leads to an unnatural appearance.Blush should fully comply with the shade of your natural blush.Do not forget about the tonal basis, which should also be applied to the face before bronzer and blush.
number blush determined based on the brightness of the make-up lips and eyes.The brighter your lipstick - the less you need to blush.Darker blush, you can apply directly on the cheek, and then shade them with lighter, drawn around it.If you use a cream blush, you can also apply them to his lips and eyelids, refreshing face and making it beautiful.