Fashion stylists and designers recommend to do hairstyles with shaven temple high greased back hair and styling, will also be relevant neat plaits on a path shorn hair.Romantic curls are already superfluous, as such a hairstyle is most often used to create a brutal and aggressive, not romantic and feminine.

also paid due attention to the jewelry.Use small and neat earrings, discard the long filaments and large rings.Also, use a simple clip, avoid ribbons, hoops and various shaped accessories.

girl who shaved the left or right temple, it is advisable to straighten (for example, ironing), the rest of the hair to visually enhance their length.The hair is then combed and placed by mean

s of a mousse in the opposite direction from the shaved portion.As an alternative, you can curl your hair and only then to bed.So you will attach them in stark contrast over the entire length.

When you create a placement, you can tint the shaved part.You can choose a variety of colors, but it is better to stay on the most prominent and aggressive.So you can create a really interesting hairstyle.

Increasingly, women are striving to create a vivid and memorable way, making a short haircut with shaving both temples.Owners of such a haircut is enough to put your hair the way you want, using pins to create a "cap" over the shaved areas.This hairstyle with shaved temples would be very nice look for the girl with sharp facial features and big eyes and give them challenging and open view.

If you shaved not only whiskey and neck, and you love experiments, in which case the remaining hair can grow slightly to collect in a long braid, using sparkly barrettes.So you can create an image of this Egyptian queen.Hairstyle for girls features a smooth body and a long neck, combine with tops and dresses with bare shoulders.