When filling out the questionnaire in Russian record as the name of their country of citizenship.For example, in the application for a visa is appropriate wording "Russia", "Russian Federation" or the abbreviation "RF".For permissible form and may include an indication of the nationality of both characteristics, such as "Russian" and "Russian woman".
If you have, or previously had another nationality, and select it, if it is required in the application form.An exception can be considered a situation of people born in the USSR.If they still continue to live in Russia and have local citizenship, further clarification is required.If necessary, explain the relevant paragraph in question, why you got or gave up another nationality.Also, in some situations you will need to c
larify the status of your second citizenship in Russia.According to the laws of the country, the Russian can be a double or two persons.The difference is that in the second case, the citizenship of another state is not included in Russia.Dual citizenship is obtained only by people who have moved to the country, which Russia has a special agreement on a similar theme.
The questionnaire in a foreign language record their citizenship in accordance with local regulations.The English-language form under Citizenship likely be appropriate to write Russian Federation.In this note.that in many European languages ​​make no distinction between the word "citizenship" and "nationality".For example, it is the case in the French, where the word nationalité can mean something, and more.However, if it is an official document or questionnaire should indicate that it is his nationality.If you are unsure how to properly fill out the form on any foreign language, it is best to ask for a paper in Russian or English.This will protect you from a misunderstanding of the issues raised.