most important thing that should be considered - if as a child you had a lighter hair color, we can definitely say that you go blond color.
Everyone has their individual hair structure, therefore, lightening the hair will shade each individual - from burnt straw to white (gray-haired).Therefore, you can define your own color, just lighten up a strand of hair.It is best to experiment with colors that can easily be washed off.
Consider the color of his face, the overall skin tone the body.If you have dark skin, who tan easily grasp, and her eyes are dark in color (from light brown to black), you will approach the dark shades of hair colors.The bright colors can be chosen - dark sand color or straw.Light color blonde yo
u will not do.
should be noted that some of the light colors such as "ash", "pearl" can go to all.If you have dark skin type, these shades of paint can make your face kind of tired or you will look older than his years.With a great desire to make their hair a lighter tone, then select the tone blonde hair dye.
Remember that lighten your hair, the higher you choose to lighten the tone, the more you palite their hair.Dark roots grow quickly and become noticeable, so you have to dye your hair too often.Frequent hair coloring in light tone makes hair dead.The dead do not have a hair shine, become thin and brittle.To give the dead a little shine to hair or make them not so fragile, it is necessary to give time for an additional hair care and less likely to be painted.It is better to make the weave hair lighten some strands.This can you go more than a full clarification of hair.
Currently, you can choose the color of hair for a few minutes, download a software simulation image.This program will help you to individually choose not only the color of hair, but simulates hair, makeup and accessories.You only need to add your picture to the database.