you need
  • - comb (massage and scallops);
  • - styling products (foam, mousse, wax, varnish);
  • - hair dryer (if necessary);
  • - curlers.
wrap - one of the most affordable and safe options for styling long hair.Decide what you want to try - natural curls or large waves, small curls, or perhaps a cloud of fluffy hair?All this and much more you can do at home yourself.
If the purpose - small curls along the entire length of hair, you will need the classic curlers of small diameter (curlers) or vertical.Screw them wet hair, towel dry slightly ends.To enhance the effect (especially if the hair is very long), use foam medium or a strong effect.If time permits, let your hair dry naturally.
The greater the curle
rs, the larger and softer turn wave.Elasticity and resistance curl depends on the length, thickness and type of your hair.Once you have removed the curlers, you can do differently.If you carefully rascheshetes massage brush, get in the end is simply beautiful flowing hair.Lush and elastic, but without clear curls.The method is ideal for giving of volume to hair.But if you just want to curl, try the next option.
Before winding Use the pre-fixation.Once the head is dry, remove the rollers, not combing the hair, shake them.For some, it will be the most beautiful hairdo.Then, at the request carefully comb the largest and most rare comb to keep the structure of curls.Or just whip her hair with his hands.Immediately thereafter treat tresses varnish or medium strong fixation.
addition to the usual rollers (in the form of a cylinder), in recent years more and more popular cone.With their help, you can make a very natural hair.Also, any curler can not cheat to the roots.You can combine curlers of various sizes, or straight hair with curled.You can not wait for the complete drying, and remove with even slightly damp hair and dosushit their hairdryer.There are many solutions for every taste and type of hair, experiment almost every day.
Do not forget the retro ways to do without the hair dryer, and you - sleep.For example, "wet braids for the night", unjustly forgotten today, but also to wrap scraps, etc.The smaller braids and locks, the more grandiose will be the result.You can get as a result of a huge cloud of hair, from which you can simulate anything.Very impressive, for example, look lush flowing hair, twisted ribbons.
Even if the result is surprising - in any case, do not worry!There are lots of little tricks.Faded curl can be revived, having put on the tip of a modicum of mousse (foam) strong fixation.Too steep curls easy to smooth, if you pass on them dipped a comb.And the most extreme case - on this basis, try to do something fundamentally new.For example, if you are not satisfied with the kind of flowing hair - remove the top portion of the strands, leaving most successful curls.
beauty of hair depends on their health.If you have recently done a perm or coloring hair faster clocked and will keep longer styling.But they need more protection - sparing use styling and modeling.Curler should not be metallic.Choose hair care products with vitamins and nutrients, especially in winter and early spring.