first variant technology haircuts.Of course, before shearing should wash and dry your hair.In the center of the head main strand isolated, bounded by two parallel lines.The remaining pin up hair clips.The main strand of carefully combed, fixed parallel to the floor and sheared to the desired length.The rest of the hair are cut in the same way, focusing on the first strand.
When mowing, all strands are separated between a horizontal parting.They need to be cut straight cut.
After aligning the main strands pull her locks with the parietal area and temporo-side areas of the head, and then from the back.Cut parietal area from
the top of his forehead.
When mowing temporal zones are oriented to the front zone, but the hair itself frontal zone should be focused on the main strand.Thus haircut gradually acquires a stepped structure.
second option technique haircut.

In this embodiment, the strands trimmed one by one.In this case mowing is done on the main strands in the back of his head in the direction forehead.Each subsequent strand haircut, focusing on the previous one.To create a loop cascade haircuts hair carefully comb from the top in the opposite direction, and even trim them.To give lightness and ease of installation make tapering.
Lay the cut is simple: it is enough to dry the hair from root to tip with his head down.Is used to shape the gel or foam wax.
If there is leeway or special occasions can make stacking different.The foam is applied to the clean-dried hair and distributed over the entire length of hair.After that haircut is dried so that the strands formed from a right angle.With circular comb the hair ends are stacked at the request of either the inside or outside.
Laying can be done using the ironing.Thanks to him, hair will become light and shine, also with the help of hair will be silky and smooth.In this way, a cascade of hair styling haircut will become more expressive, will be clearly visible graded system.However, this installation do not forget to use heat-protective agents.
With this versatile haircut you become simply irresistible and you have no extra hassle during installation.