¬ęTartlet" drags on long and short hair, but they must be at least 10 cm long.Make yourself a hairstyle very hard and uncomfortable.Therefore, ask someone to help you in this matter.
carefully comb your hair, you can even soak them to weave a basket was easier.With this hair will not get out.
zacheshite hair back and divided into two halves.Vertical parting will be your guide.
Fix or just perekin'te over his shoulder one half of the hair so that it does not interfere during weaving.The other half is divided into three roughly equal strands.
Braid "classical" Spit: the central strand put right, then left to the right place, which has become central.Thus all twist locks, and you have a standard braid.Then move on to the second half, too, br
aid hair and her braid.Pay particular attention to the fact that the braids must start at the same level.
These braids lock with small crabs, pins or ribbons, and then fix them well at the base of the spit left - right, and at the bottom right - left.Ends where it began to spin, that is at the same height.As a result, you should get a basket.
If you have no tapes or you want this hairstyle looked more closely, use a braid or fixing gum.
hairstyle is better to keep to further secure it with pins or invisible.A top liberally sprinkle varnish strong fixation to the wind from the braids do not get out hair and does not spoil the look.These manipulations will be enough to hairstyle looked great all day.
beauty baskets, not only in the fact that it looks very cute and elegant.In the evening Unbraid scythe and your hair will become beautiful, natural waves.So thanks to the basket you are guaranteed a great and elegant hairstyle for at least two days.