Choose the right tattoo parlor, or any barber shop, where you can pierce my tongue.In no case do not try to get pierced language at home - it can end badly.And right puncture is unlikely to succeed, because you need to know not only the place where you want to insert the decoration, but also to have all the necessary tools to carry out the procedure.
day before visiting the salon do not eat garlic, onions and do not drink alcoholic beverages - the smell of these products comes from the body about 2-3 days.Be sure to thoroughly brush your teeth before you go to do the piercing.
Rinse mouth disinfecting solution that you give.The wizard will hold your tongue forceps and
make a puncture with a special needle, which will be located 1.5-2 cm from the tip.If you want a piercing bridle language , then discuss it in advance with the master.But it's worth noting that a puncture a few inches from the tip of a much more noticeable to others, rather than piercing bridle, which is located on the inner side language .
Once the language is punctured, you put them in the decoration.The first days of the piercing will swell and hurt, but on the third day you will notice a decrease in swelling and pain.Eat soft foods and treat mouth disinfecting solution, even mouthwash.
If the language for a long time will not heal, or pus appears, immediately visit the salon in which you do the piercing.In some cases, a puncture can rot.But do not worry - you will be assigned a course of antibiotic therapy.This can happen if the puncture site got food or microbes, such as disease, angina or acute respiratory viral infections.Gradually language heal and decoration will delight you with its brilliance.