detergent made with their own hands, washes things are not worse popular shops powders.In addition, it allows you to save the family budget.

Liquid laundry detergent from the soap

To prepare the powder need the following ingredients:

- 200 grams of soap;
- 0,5 v.borax;
- 0,5 tablespoons of soda ash;
- 4 tbsp.water.

Rub soap into chips and dilute it with hot water.To better soap flakes dissolved, add it to the water in small batches.As a result, you should have a thick soapy solution.

Now you need to dilute the solution to 10 liters of water.If you want to make a more concentrated laundry detergent, use less liquid.

in dilute solution, add
soda and thoroughly stir the resulting mixture, after which it zaley borax.It will give additional things clean and fresh scent.Moreover, it is perfectly disinfects.If you can not find borax, you can do without it.

If you have to wash in a very hard water, add into the mixture of baking powder (baking powder), which you can prepare yourself.To this mix in equal proportions, baking soda with citric acid.On the whole batch of homemade detergent 1 tbsp baking powder enough.

Liquid Powder ready.Pour it in a bottle or can, and then put 12 hours to cool.If the gel will turn out very thick, dilute it before using a small amount of water.

on one load of laundry is sufficient to use one scoop of powder liquid soap, if you are diluted in 10 liters of water.If you have made a solution more concentrated need to reduce the dose.In order to wash heavily soiled items, the amount of the gel can be increased twice.

dry laundry detergent

To prepare the dry powder will need the following ingredients:

- 2 pieces of soap;
- 1 tbsp.crystal soda;
- 1 tbsp.baking soda;
- 2 tablespoons of white vinegar.

Mix baking soda and crystal with soap, which is pre-grate, so that turned out fine granules.Larger granules can remain on the fabric after rinsing.The resulting powder was white, add vinegar, then can use it to wash the laundry.

on one load of laundry just two or three tablespoons of homemade powder.To make things fresh flavor, you can use air conditioning.