you need
  • - hydrogen peroxide;
  • - ammonia;
  • - petroleum jelly;
  • - lanolin;
  • - antifebrin;
  • - broth chamomile;
  • - hair dye;
  • - moisturizer.
long and effective way to lighten hair on the legs - is to use hydrogen peroxide.Need a few times a day to lubricate foot five percent peroxide solution with the added ammonia.Keep your feet on the part of twenty minutes, then rinse.Gradually, the hair will brighten and become almost invisible.You may feel a burning sensation during lightening.Do not use this method if you are allergic to peroxide.
can be done differently.Mix with water,
hydrogen peroxide at the rate of one to five, soak the cloth in the solution and attach to the legs for an hour or two.Do this for several days until the desired result.
can cook lightening cream.Buy at the pharmacy petrolatum, lanolin, hydrogen peroxide, antifebrin and mix.Regularly lubricate the resulting ointment legs and hair on the legs, not only lose their color, but also will become thinner and more fragile.
decoction of chamomile, which is rinsed blonde hair to natural hair color has become even lighter, and can lighten hair on the legs.Only this method is not for everyone, but only those who have enough blonde hair as a decoction of chamomile - natural dye and does not have the effect that possess chemical weapons.You just need a few times a day to wet their feet in the broth (with the help of it soaked cloth or cotton pad) and allow to dry.The broth should be strong.This is the most harmless, but less efficient way.
You can use a regular hair dye.Choose the one that brightens a few shades, following the instructions, prepare the composition and apply for half an hour.This method has a caveat.Since in this case there is a hair coloring and no discoloration, the result may be sometimes unexpected.If you, for example, very dark hair, they may turn yellow.
are commercially available and special tools for clarification of hair on the legs.They contain as a moisturizer and skin conditioner.