What are bleachers

total there are two types of bleach: chlorine and oxygen.The first means has a very affordable price, well whitens and has disinfecting properties.But, unfortunately, for delicate fabrics you can not use chlorine bleach because it may contribute to the destruction of tissue fibers.And with regular bleaching linen, T-shirts, cotton socks, you will notice that the fabric is significantly thinned.

second type is an oxygen bleach, it is much more expensive than chlorine and is available in liquid and powder forms.Oxygen sensitive composition suitable for bleaching any tissue.


oxygen bleach in the composition of the oxygen bleach includes percarbonate, potassium, when combined with water, it forms a molecule of active oxygen that remove dirt from fabrics.Stains from tea, coffee, fruits, he
rbs can be easily removed with oxygen facilities, besides it perfectly disinfects and eliminates the smell of things.

oxygen bleach very - eco-friendly tool that can be used even when washing children's clothes.There is even a special train called "Eared nannies", which is intended for washing baby clothes.It does not damage the fibers of the fabric, thus perfectly performs its whitening function.

famous "Vanish" also belongs to the category of oxygen bleaching compositions.Some housewives still have not found anything better, the only downside is it means a high enough price."Vanish" is well whitens, economical, delicate laundry and harmless to humans.

Of the more economical option, you can choose a Russian agent called "ECO2 Soap nuts."After his application any blemishes disappear, and laundry becomes unbelievable snow-white.

course, is to try and universal means of "Amway", among the products of this company also has a bleach-based potassium percarbonate.The tool is absolutely safe, not only suitable for bleaching linen, as well as for cleaning and disinfection of various objects.

To keep clothes in the form of white, but it does not harm the delicate fabric, definitely need to use only oxygen bleaching agents.But the company is already the buyer chooses, in accordance with their financial capabilities.