you need
  • - salt;
  • - vinegar;
  • - water;
  • - fan;
  • - coal.
most effective means - ventilate the room, arranging a draft (so that painted the room air is blown out of the window, not into the corridor).If the wind is blowing from the wrong direction, or the draft fails to arrange (for example, all the windows are located on one side), turn the fan on the opposite wall from the window and blows the smell of the street.A few hours in the room can be a healthy way.
Lay indoor charcoal or salt, they absorb odors.Of course, after such a use of salt should be thrown out.
Hang in the room towels or bed sheets (which are not very sorry), soaked in water with vinegar.After every 4 hours is necessary to re-wet the towel.
Rub or cut clove of garlic and
leave the room for the night.Instead, you can use garlic, onions.Please note that to leave badly smelling onions and garlic is not about the furniture and bed linen, they can absorb the additional and unpleasant flavor.
Take a large bowl, pour water in them and add salt.Note the greater the surface area of ​​the water, the more effective it will be to help remedy the smell of paint.Several times a day, change the water.
When the furniture or objects, painted with oil paint, dry, wipe them with a solution of mustard diluted vinegar or ammonia.It does not mix different tools, use only one of them.
Put candles in the room safe wide candlesticks and leave them to complete burnout.Be careful when dealing with fire.
can try to kill the smell of paint.To do this, open the package with coffee (note that while coffee can absorb unpleasant smell), apply a drop of perfume on the light bulb and turn it on, use fragrances.
To reduce the spread of the smell, put the used brush in a plastic bag and tie it tightly.Carefully close the container of paint, even if it is empty.The water remaining after the cleaning of brushes and cans not drain into the toilet or sink, just as the paint settles on the tubes, and the smell will spread for a long time.