Girls who choose to disguise from light brown to brown-haired women can take advantage of services of an experienced hairdresser who will select the most appropriate palette of the coloring composition.Wanting to save money, you can buy high-quality paint and start painting your self curls.
First, think about what shade of brown color you would like to receive as a result.Among the rich variety of options you can choose light brown color of its very light to the darkest shade.The most difficult to get the ash-blond color.
discolors the natural dark hair with special clarifiers, and painted brown-haired recommended to wash off the remains of the ink composition using
a chemical "wash", sold in many local stores cosmetics.When your locks is a little discolored or lightened for a couple of colors to repaint them in a light brown color, use conventional paint with attractive ashen hue.
To get Brown color in terms of self-coloring, choose a paint ash-haired, gray-haired or light shade, which will help brown hair as a result get more blond curls.But if you want to paint the natural curls in bright colors with unusual shades better than entrust their hair specialist, so as soon as the barber can mix several different colors, which will eventually have a beautiful and rich color.
Immediately before staining procedures carefully read the instructions supplied with the tubes of paint for the hair, and just follow it.As with any other hair color dye composition, prepare the composition immediately prior to painting curls.Take a soft brush or overage old toothbrush with bristles from natural hair and apply a diluted paint on the hair.
carefully paint over your strands at the roots and brush evenly distributed coloring composition over the entire length of hair.When you gradually process all curls, just hold the composition on the hair exactly the amount of time that was stated in the instructions to the paint.In time wash away the paint, then wash the hair a little water with a small addition of a few drops of vinegar to brown shade better entrenched.