you need
  • epilation, wax, paper, electric current, the appliance
Eliminate hair under the armpits help epilation.This is an effective and safe way.Regardless of phototype man and his age, it can easily remove unwanted hair .It is not possible to remove a very light or gray hair .
Go hair removal procedure at least six times at intervals of a few weeks, you will achieve a stable effect for many years.However, the violation of the structure of the hair occurs after the first session.The hair is bleached.It is almost impossible to notice.
One option for removing hair under the armpits may be waxing.Pretty sparing procedure, given that the removal of the hair together with the root occurs.The method consists in applying the wax to the desi
red area of ​​the skin and removal with excessive vegetation.The effect lasts for several weeks.If you want to repeat the procedure, tomyagkie and thinning hair easily removed.
To get rid of the hair under the armpits forever, use electrolysis.The method is based on the interaction of the electric current from the root of the hair using a fine needle.This procedure may require a re-run, as hair may grow back again .The reason - difficulty in determining the current strength and the time required for removal of the hair follicle.
To remove the hair under the armpits many prefer electric epilator.However, from the use of this instrument should be abandoned if there are sores on the skin, moles, or irritation.
use the epilator better after taking a shower or bath.Since hair removal is faster.In addition the skin is completely dry.Take the device and start the movement at a right angle against the hair growth.When hair will be permanently removed, apply a moisturizer.