floor preparation

moved out of the room furniture (tables, chairs, rugs, etc.) that might interfere with the work ahead.If the remaining objects have dust or dirt, it is advisable to wipe them with a damp cloth previously, it will prevent the ingress of debris on the clean floor.Ask also his household do not walk around the room, send them out for a walk, if you plan to wash the floors throughout the apartment.Make sure to wash floors do not interfere with pets often cause contamination are their dirty paws.

Sweep the floor

Before washing the floor, remove all debris from it, for it can be vacuum or sweep.This step may seem odd, but it greatly facilitates the process of washing, doormat will not collect on itself crumbs, pet hair, scraps of paper, etc.Furthermore, the prese
nce of solid particles crumb can lead to the formation of scratches in the floor surface.


Prepare water to wash the floor for it to fill a bucket of detergent (if you use it), and dilute it with enough water.Detergent Use strictly in accordance with the standards set out in the instructions on the packaging, the excessive amount can cause damage to some floor coverings.
can be diluted with water and ordinary dishwashing detergent.

Wash floor

mopping - a fairly standard procedure, start from the corners of rooms, from the wall opposite the entrance to the room.Floor wash small areas, occasionally wetting the doormat.If floors are too dirty, wash them a few times.In the first pass not wring the cloth too much, let it be wet enough.Leave the wet floor to dirt on it a little limp, then wipe it again, now wrung cloth.

If necessary, repeat this procedure.Try not to step on the areas of the floor that you have to beg, wet floors quickly collect on the surface dust and dirt.If you have to do it immediately, wipe these parts until the dirt they have not had time to dry.
Change the water if you see that it is too dirty.

Dry floors

After mopping is finished, leave it to dry.It is not necessary to do it with a dry cloth, trying to remove the excess water from the floor, it may cause it big divorce.Open doors and windows and ventilate the room, the floor must dry naturally.