you need
  • - soft nail file,
  • - nail clippers,
  • - disinfectant solution,
  • - oil to strengthen nails,
  • - lacquer.
breakdown usually occurs on the side, next to the skin itself.It gives a lot of inconvenience, as the broken edge of the nail and then tries to cling to your clothes and even hair.Sometimes it is even painful.
You may have once repaired broken nail in the nail salon, so the whole process is well known to you.But even if you've never seen this procedure, then, following these tips can quickly restore the beauty of hands.
First, you need a soft nail file to smooth slightly broken edge, that is to remove from it a natural shine.We must act very carefull
y, so as not to damage or increase the fracture.
then peeled portion disinfect any vehicle designed for this.At the same time you remove the remains and dust that formed during grinding.
Then you need to cut a piece of silk fabric patches.The size should be a few millimeters more than a crack, so that it is well kept on the nail.
now the crucial moment.We cover the nail varnish and special care with the help of small sticks or matches paste cloth.The patch should completely cover all of the bruised and slightly to capture the nail on the edges of the crack.Important warning at this stage - in any case, do not use ordinary household glue as possible to bring the infection to its constituent chemicals.And then the repair process will be delayed a long nail treatment.
After drying, the adhesive must be carefully cut off the remnants of cloth lightly abrade the surface and apply oil to the nails to give the original luster.
final stage of work - is the lacquer on the nail renovated.There must be at least two layers, so you will hide defects repair.Best option - to do applique or drawing on this claw.Moreover, it is now very fashionable.
Keep a nail will not be very long, just a few days.And if you are constantly aware of it and be protected from unnecessary movements.The procedure will be repeated approximately every 3-4 days.Of course, this is time consuming, but in fact, while maintaining the beauty of the victim is always inevitable.