Choosing steamer , first of all should pay attention to how much your kitchen space.There are very simple steamers, like a colander, which are set in a pan of water, also has a folding metal steamers, which are placed on the bottom of the pan and disclosed on the basis of flower petals.They are easy to cook vegetables, but they are also suitable for fish or meat.Their advantage is that they do not take place - because you can store them in a drawer for utensils.If you plan to use the steamer, and sometimes you have a tiny kitchen, these steamers - the obvious choice.It should be remembered th
at this is possible to prepare relatively small quantities of food and no more than one course at a time.
The kitchens a little more space, you can use electric steamer.They come in various sizes and with different numbers of tiers.The multi-tiered steamer preparing to 3-4 dishes simultaneously.Choose steamer with a timer to avoid having to constantly monitor the dish.If you do not have a double boiler function, signal tells you that the water is boiled away, take steamer with transparent compartment for the liquid, so that you could easily follow its level.Note that in addition to the amount of water from which the steam is generated, you will need to monitor and cause condensation to be drained in time.Dear steamers equipped with the system, the flow of the signal.Very expensive steamers independently carry out and topping up water and condensate drain.
If you are going to use the steamer often, it is better to buy a model with an electronic display.It will allow you to select the type of food that you are cooking, set the function "Delay Start".A useful option in many modern steamers "keep warm", it stops cooking and keeps its temperature.Also important is the presence of fast heating function, which can be referred to as "Quick steam", "steam accelerator", etc.It uses a separate chute for a small amount of water that boils and steam takes much earlier than the rest of the liquid to boil.There are steamers with a special compartment for spices - if you enjoy experimenting with flavors, then you should pay attention to them.
Water tanks and condensate need to be cleaned from time to time.To not watch this alone, and hence not to risk to miss the point and break the device, select steamer , or alert you about this, or are cleaned automatically.
Choosing an electric steamer , find out how much energy is consumed by a particular model, to prepare solid food, and how much time she had prepared, for example, a certain amount of frozen vegetables.
ask what set of accessories attached to the double boiler.It can be rice bowl, stand an egg, containers for cooking foods completely and for garnishes.The high-tech pressure cooker, which are themselves able to determine the right time for the preparation of a piece of meat or fish, and turn off the heat when ready, there is a special probe.It is through a "smart" device and "solve" all of these issues.
Bowls steamers can be made of transparent and opaque plastic or stainless steel.Last - practical and durable, but are comfortable only in those units that are equipped with automatic systems.
Choose steamer , details of which can be washed in a dishwasher, if you're accustomed to using this device.Pay attention to whether there is an official center for household appliances of this model in your area and whether it guarantee.
If you are going to buy and microwave, steamer and one or two tiers, pay attention to the combined model, as well as special equipment, allowing in some modern microwave ovens cook for a couple.
If you prefer built-in kitchen appliances, do not forget that there is a steamer that can be embedded in the ceramic hob, as well as in furniture cabinets.
For fans of multifunction devices exist Multivarki.They can not only cook for a couple, but also to fry, bake and even bake on the grill.
Fans of Asian cuisine are choosing bamboo steamers.Among their advantages is that they do not occupy much space and are a conventional device made of natural materials.But they also have some significant drawbacks.Firstly, bamboo absorbs not only the condensation water but also partially flavor and taste of the product.Second, wash such steamer very difficult to do it by hand with mild soap and means.Cooking in a bamboo steamer, it is important to put it on the bottom of the fresh leaves or parchment paper.This will help separate one product from another, if you cook in a double boiler multi-tiered, and simplify cleaning.