you need
  • - Area 50h50h5 or 40h40h5;
  • - mesh welded rods;
  • - galvanized sheet;
  • - listogib;
  • - welding machine;
  • - drinker.
Make drawing cages for hens.Note that cell for a hen should have roughly the dimensions: width 610 mm, length 525 mm, height 520 mm.Furthermore, between the upper and lower row of cells must be stock for the pallet.In a series there are several such cells make two levels.Add at the bottom of a few centimeters at the legs (cell should not stand directly on the floor).Calculate the total length and height of the cell.
from metal brackets or 40h40h5 50h50h5 cut parts: four vertical rack, six horizontal bars long and six short.Cook the skeleton of the cell over the items receive
d.Check the stability and reliability of the design, if the cell is very long, the center will strengthen the construction of another pair of uprights.
Sex cells do galvanized welded mesh with small mesh size.It is important to make the floor sloped 6⁰, to ukatyvayut laid eggs from the chicken.At the same time a small slope will not allow hens to feel discomfort.Slope make towards the front of the cage.At the bottom of the egg from the grid equip the shelf, providing a safe and convenient for the selection of egg storage.
Above the shelf for eggs make a bird feeder out of galvanized steel sheet.Cut a strip of a width of 30 cm and a length corresponding to the length of the cell.Bend it like this: at a distance of 8 cm make a deflection in 95⁰, set aside another 5 cm and then bend about a 100⁰.The long end of the bend the hook, it will be engaged at the front edge of the cell.
cells are separated by a horizontal grid of welded rods.On this grid put the tray of galvanized iron.Thus, the chicken is on a slope of the floor grid, there will always be clean, because the wastes will fall directly on the tray.
rear wall of homemade chicken cages make plywood or sheet metal.The front wall - from wide rods, bent so that the chicken was free to take food out of the trough.Do not forget about the individual door for each cell, equip them with hooks or latches.
Equip the cage drinkers for birds.On the cover of the cell put a container of water to the bottom of the hose and connect each cell to perform water.To the water reached a certain level, ceased to flow from the toilet, use a float or other similar mechanism.If you are unable to make a homemade water bottle - buy a ready-made at the store.