you need
  • - tent;
  • - rope;
  • - a sleeping bag;
  • - mat;
  • - matches;
  • - flashlight;
  • - ax;
  • - pots for cooking;
  • - Clothing and footwear;
  • - products;
  • - kit.

Pick Form a group of participants, depending on age, physical fitness and the goals of the upcoming campaign.Other people's aspirations as a team lead to conflicts and spoiled holiday.For example, some want to get to the top of the mountain, show the bend, others - to overcome a couple of kilometers, and others - to get quickly to the coast and relax.If the purpose of the route agreed upon by all, it is a good psychological environment, the success of the campaign is guaranteed.
assign responsibilities
Select key aides: navigator, repairman, cook, responsible for the equipment.They will monitor the safety, coordinate it and provide a comfortable life on the beach.
Preliminary training.If the rest limited to holidays, familiarize participants with the theoretical course of the route along the river.Display equipment, tell me about the appointment of an object and the rules of behavior on the water.
Make gear
load the boat allows you to take the necessary cargo, to better arrange camp life.Total gear characterized bivouac work: preparing meals, Organization of sleep and rest and repair.This tents, sleeping bags, mats (foam), an ax, pots, ladles and matches.Water tours are complemented by special repair equipment and a set of rescue ropes length of 20-30 meters.
collect personal belongings
Hoping for sunny weather, wear light clothes: a shirt (jersey), shorts (breeches).To protect the head from the sun - a hat or a hat.Summer shoes should not hamper his feet.Pick light sandals or beach shales.Stock the removable sets of clothes, warm suit, waterproof jacket, raincoat, shoes and several pairs of socks.On the river will be in demand sunscreen: sunscreen and sunglasses.In order not to suffer from the bites of mosquitoes and ticks, take care of repellents.Do not forget to bring toiletries and first aid kit.
Pack things
To be able to change clothes on the banks of dry clothes, you need to put it in a sealed package.Use a large plastic bag that fits in a backpack.For documents, plastic cards, money and other valuables is better to take a separate sealed bag of small size.At the bottom of the backpack put a sleeping bag, then the extra clothes and shoes.Top stacked hygiene items, a bowl, a mug, a spoon and a little food.

Provide food for nutrition grab high-calorie foods.The most popular of camp life are: a variety of cereals, pasta, stew, smoked bacon, biscuits, sugar, condensed milk tea and coffee.Do not be redundant and freeze-dried products: dried meat, soups and mashed potatoes in packages.Nature wakes up a good appetite, so to contemplate snacking nuts, biscuits, dried fruit.